Our support

We believe everyone can make a difference, and are passionate about developing the ideas, projects and campaigns that are making positive change happen.


We currently offer support to people and organisations in 2 main ways.

Through participatory research activities, we aim to help people tell their stories about experiences of inequality, and about the things they are doing to challenge this and create more just places to live. We aim to amplify and connect these unique stories, and for them to become part of a wider narrative of positive transformation across the region.  

Through our Accelerator support programme, we also aim to provide developmental support to the projects and organisations that are taking action to bring these new narratives to life. By delivering a structured social innovation support programme and by facilitating 1-1 mentoring and networking amongst people who have shared values and interests, we hope to enable a diverse range of people, who come from all walks of life, to realise their ideas and potential to bring about positive changes in their own communities. 

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