Amplify is new. We are building a movement of people passionate about making Northern Ireland a fairer place. We are bring people together from every walk of life - from business leaders to community activists, across all communities - to identify new ideas that will make life fairer and more prosperous for all and to make those ideas happen.

Our Approach

We believe Northern Ireland is a beautiful place full of people with the passion, ingenuity and creativity need to tackle the challenges we face.  That in every neighbourhood there are people ready to step up to take action on the issues that matter to them. We are bring those people together to share ideas and to develop the skills and confidence needed to make those ideas happen. 

We believe lasting change happens when people unite around a shared narrative of a better future and then act with common purpose to make that future happen.  That positive change is most likely to happen when action is based on both the values people share and a deep understanding of the lived experiences of people across our communities.
We have already engaged over 500 people in our conversation about inequality, how it affects them and how it can be overcome. Our team of organisers are now supporting people in Belfast, Derry/Londonderry and Enniskillen to shape their ideas into real actions that will lead to real change.

You can get involved by sharing your experience of inequality and ideas for a better future; by spreading the word amongst friends and family; by giving your support to the people already turning ideas into reality; or by leading a campaign or project or your own.

Through all of these actions, we are collectively building momentum for change.

Amplify is coordinated by the Young Foundation, the UK’s leading centre for social innovation to tackle inequality, and funded by the Building Change Trust who invest in community capacity building and promotion of the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland.


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