Innovation Ideas


We give people an opportunity to integrate back into the community through training and employment. We promote recovery in action / through action. We innovate and create space that will inspire others. We develop active citizenship and break down the barriers and stigma attached to mental health. We give service to the community and reduce isolation. We upcycle furniture, deliver workshops in upcycling, and run a recovery café to develop transferable skills. (Beacon Centre Enniskillen)

Bee Friends

Bee Friends are entrepreneurial seed sellers who are passionate about bees, plants, wildlife, growing, gardens, and homemade or home-grown food. These interests have the power to connect people who are from different backgrounds and of all ages. Our goal is to work towards sustainability by creating a range of seed products aimed at supporting pollinators in the urban environment and that these products will encourage people to engage with growing.

Art for me

We create alternative pathways for greater health and well-being through artistic expression. We promote storytelling through art and make art to music. We develop community projects and sketchbook projects and we deliver art projects.

Ardoyne Youth Club

We raise young people’s aspirations. We do this through educational attainment, reducing unemployment, social enterprise and a crèche facility. We offer mentoring and counselling, an intergenerational experience, community actions and outreach.

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We heal brutalised places, connect people, build belonging and lift human spirits. We draw out existing knowledge and experiences, validate and develop people’s own opinions, and empower them to influence positive change in the future. We deliver training, capacity building and mentoring.

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Afterthoughts NI

Afterthoughts NI will provide counselling expertise across NI so that all men and women who suffer from the effects of post-birth psychological trauma will have access to appropriate and efficient help. We provide education, training, research and counselling to work with men and women affected by birth trauma and PTSD.


We provide young people with training and skills so they can reconnect with their communities. We deliver group work, team building and one to one mentoring, skills training and work experience.


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