Angel Eyes NI

Angel Eyes NI is a Belfast based charity started by parents to help families throughout Northern Ireland who have a child who is visually impaired. Over the eleven years of its existence it has grown rapidly to meet the needs of this community and identifying the issues faced by parents of blind or partially sighted children.

Their aim is that every blind and partially sighted child in Northern Ireland will have equal opportunities in life to fully achieve their dreams, aspirations and potential.  To achieve their vision, they support parents, carers and professionals supporting blind and partially sighted children with the tools and knowledge to empower them make informed decisions for the children to ensure they realise their full capability.

The Visualise Project will develop a VR Sight Loss Simulator to help parents and professionals understand the world visually impaired children live in.  Virtual Reality puts you at the centre of a three-dimensional, interactive, computer-generated scene, using a smartphone docked into a low-cost headset.

The VR Sight Loss Simulator will accurately create the effects of a range of visual functions, which can be layered, in various ways to simulate different eye conditions. Parents can customise the level of each function using medical measurements from the child’s optometrist.  By viewing different scenes in Virtual Reality, with the layered visual impairments in place, parents and professionals will get an accurate and immersive visualisation of what the world looks like to their child. This enables them to put more effective and appropriate support in place.


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