Divert NI

DIVERTNI are a newly formed CIC focused on addressing the increasingly publicised and concerning social problems of offending behaviour, substance-use, mental health and suicide. 

Having been employed as substance-use intervention specialists and psychosocial therapists within the custodial environment for many years, Divert NI utilise a range of expertise and experience to provide consistent support for a huge number of highly problematized clients in highly problematic environments and circumstances. Coming from backgrounds as diverse as criminology and behavioural change counselling, they have developed a true sense of synergy and accumulated a specific skillset to be applied to the most vulnerable and isolated members of society.

The experience they have accumulated, and success they have enjoyed from within the custodial environment has led them to the conclusion that custody does not work; in fact it generally exacerbates problems for individuals, families, communities and society itself. Due to this, Divert NI are aiming to utilise the skills and experience they have developed to facilitate a wide range of more holistic and socially beneficial 'alternative to custody' interventions including one to one intervention, group work facilitation and residential development programmes.

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