GLOW was formed by a group of local women who felt a need to address and overcome prominent issues among their peers: low self-esteem, isolation, negative mental health, and a lack of goals. In order to address these issues they plan to deliver their personal development programmes, The Real Me and LILY, for women and girls in disadvantaged areas. These 10 week programmes equip participants with increased confidence and self esteem; it helps them set goals and build positive, encouraging relationships.

GLOW's plan is to train select women in mentoring and partner them with a new participants coming through The Real Me programme, in this way establishing a sustainable support network among their peers. Big Sister Mentoring incorporates accredited mentoring training for the women after which time they will be buddied with a girl who’s completed the LILY programme and requires additional support. Longer term, women and girls will be trained in facilitation to deliver The Real Me and LILY programmes to their peers.


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