Horn of Africa People's Aid NI (HAPANI)

Horn of Africa People’s Aid Northern Ireland is a charity, formed in response to a demand for support for refugees, asylum seekers, individuals and families from the Horn of Africa and beyond who are living in NI.  HAPANI works from an ethos of social inclusion - empowering those who are socially, financially or physically vulnerable in order to promote individual well-being and harmonious communities.

Refugees and asylum seekers experience a huge range of obstacles living in NI - connecting with services, language barriers, poverty, accessing healthcare and education, and securing employment after being granted refugee status, to name a few. The charity supports and empowers these individuals regardless of social background, gender, ethnicity or circumstance.

HAPANI hopes to assist in tackling the housing needs of destitute asylum seekers in the Belfast and greater Belfast areas.  Through extensive research, they have identified the need for a Destitution Project.  The proposed project would provide a safe and secure environment for asylum seekers and refugees awaiting the decision of their asylum application, allowing a stable setting during this period of uncertainty. The project will allow opportunities for these destitute asylum seekers to access training, capacity building as well as volunteer at HAPANI, which assists their integration into the wider Belfast community (both indigenous and new comer). The project aims to develop bespoke and tailored accommodation for these asylum seekers and refugees that operates as a social enterprise. 


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