Infinity Farm

Infinity Farm is a community interest company promoting the health and well-being of urban communities by connecting people, organisations, plants and bees in an innovative way in Belfast. They are keen to show that by making small changes collectively as a community, we can bring about real positive social change to the environment.

Infinity Farm are passionate about the connection between art and the environment.  An important aspect of their work is as bee keepers; educating schools and community groups on the fundamental role bees have on the environment.  With the continuing decline of bees globally, they let us know what we can do as a society to contribute to bees’ survival.   As well as bringing observational hives into groups, to show the fascinating way in which a colony of honey bees works up close, local communities have been sculpture casting using bees wax and making self-care products from household items.  They also hold workshops on the importance of reducing plastic, showing people how to make re-usable wrap from bees wax, instead of single use plastic film. 

Through the power of collaboration, Infinity Farm hopes to have an even bigger impact on the environment.  They recently spoke of their long-term aim to the Soroptimist Society and invited guests at Stormont, to create a bee line across Belfast which is a continuous strip of habitat for bees and other pollinators, with the line starting from the Government building itself.  The project gives local residents, community groups and small businesses the opportunity to create the bee line together as a collective, having their say in how it would look and work.  Local artists will be involved in make engaging visual art pieces with residents along the beeline, giving more accessibility to the arts.  Infinity Farm hope that the bee line will be used as a template which can be replicated all over the country, with different councils being involved.  This involvement from councils would help to influence wider policy. 


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