Kippie CIC is a newly formed community focused company committed to improving the life chances and opportunities of socially excluded and isolated young people in Northern Ireland, by harnessing the storytelling power and the wide availability of mobile games. Kippie provides a tailor made programme of workshops, designed to teach a range of transferrable skills through the process of making a mobile game, from concept through to market. Through this framework they work with groups of young people, facilitating and encouraging discussion of the issues and societal pressures that affect them, and encourage them to propose and consider practical responses and examine possible outcomes through the step by step logic/process of designing a computer game. Kippie work with them to make the game, using freely available online tools, giving a taste of some of the skills involved in game making including digital image manipulation, storytelling, art work, sound recording and coding, designed to increase the participants confidence when working with digital technologies.

The programme culminates in bringing the game to market and providing opportunities for the young people to pitch/market the game to companies and groups of interested people, with Kippie providing a grounding in basic entrepreneurial/business start-up skills. The finished game, freely available on all the usual platforms will act not only as an opportunity for the young people involved to have their voice heard, but also hopefully be of real use to others, and serve as a signposting tool to support organisations.


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