Mini Explorers

Mini Explorers was set up by two mums, Laura Stitt, a qualified teacher, and Leanne Alawi, who has 10 years experience of working with children in a variety of educational settings.  They are keen to address and reduce the stigma of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression in both parents and children, by actively promoting mental well-being through their interactive programme.  As well as facilitating exciting and fun play based workshops using multi-sensory play in order to promote the benefits of play and learning through play and development, they have spent the last year creating a programme of mindfulness and yoga based activities to complement these workshops.   

Mini Explorers are keen to expand their work and help parents from all communities.  They aim to set up a project called “Positive Play Dates” in accessible locations across Northern Ireland such as community centres.  They want to make these play dates informal, interactive and un-intimidating to people facing certain obstacles such as mental health or disadvantage.  Through these workshops they will be promoting parents’ and children's mental and overall well-being through play activities, mindfulness and yoga with a laid back session, cup of tea and a chat.


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