Sarah is in her twenties and she is a youth worker in Belfast. She lives and works in an interface community. “People are different here. There’s a real sense of community, but it’s changed over the last few years – people are more closed and don’t bother with each other like before. But people are good at helping each other. They fundraise for others and families who need it. If people are sick we rally round them to support and help.
I'm involved in a residents group, we just set it up 2 years ago – I think that’s really good. Apart from that and our youth club, there are no other services in our area. Even the residents group has to meet in the youth club because there’s nowhere else."
Despite the hardships, Sarah feels a strong connection to Belfast. She is rooted within her community and wants to contribute to making it a better place. She draws inspiration and a sense of belonging from those around her.
"I really feel that I belong here. I can relate to where people come from. Once you feel as connected to a place as I do here it’s hard to imagine moving!

I admire our young people. When I see them challenge themselves and change things, I’m so proud of them for that. When I see how they work with the younger ones, how much they care.

It's helping people to see that there’s hope. Everyone says ‘there’s no hope for us – it’s always going to be the same, it has been for 20 years’. But I don’t believe that and I want people to see that. There’s potential for everyone.”

Sarah’s passion for young people and her commitment to her place resonates in everything she says and does. Can you think of someone you know who is passionate about supporting other people's potential?

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