The People's Accelerator 2015

This Accelerator was supported by the Building Change Trust in Spring 2015


We value each young person as an individual. We empower young people to have impact on their local community and global community, so they develop life skills to make positive change in other peoples’ lives and shape their own futures. We run pre-trip activities exploring local and global issues, we then run trips – helping others in need / personal learning and development and the post trip reflection / involvement in community.


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We nurture a generation of young people who are willing and able to lead change in NI. We deliver schools programmes, days and residentials, YPLC Alumni network / Events, We deliver training and facilitators and intergenerational opportunities.


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We are partnering with Northern Ireland churches to link them, their skills and resources within their local area to co-create thriving and flourishing communities. We create bespoke training support, resources and mentoring of local churches. We map the community service work currently provided by churches to better enable co-ordination of the work of church, government, statutory and voluntary organisations within the local communities. We facilitate shared learning and deliver training to promote wider understanding and participation in community development, community leadership and conflict management/resolution.


We create a critical dialogue involving society with victims of ‘The troubles’ We connect society with its history and that which casts a shadow over our society today and its pluralist reality. We develop understanding and hearing, working towards an ethical and shared remembering to create a city of sanctuary and compassion


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The Social Arts Unlimited aims to activate the untapped potential of art and artists as a catalyst for generating innovation, new networks and new partnerships within organisations working for positive social change in Northern Ireland. We deliver a programme of agreed interventions with invited organisations – methods and approaches such as artist placements, artist mentoring for boards and project officers and art as advocacy for organisations.


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We challenge prejudices, breaking down barriers and sharing experiences. We recruit additional books (the human library volunteers), we promote the even, secure participation, book the venue / hospitality and confirm books.



We create space & build confidence for communities to encounter new narratives & to tell their untold stories - in order to challenge mainstream narratives. We run storytelling sessions, story coaching, film production and dissemination



We encourage young people to think outside of the x-box. We are inclusive to all. We encourage the physical, intellectual, character, emotional and spiritual development of young people so they achieve their full potential as responsible citizens who improve society. We do this through activities such as environment, crafts, teambuilding, backwoods, camping, emergencies, hillwalking, pioneering, paddling, leave no trace, rowing, sailing, community outreach.


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We develop communities by integrating through youth. We enhance community relations by getting young people to be the driving force behind breaking the trend. We deliver a community café, leadership programme, accredited courses and cross-community. We deliver mentoring and progression opportunities and deliver R City news. We focus on year 1 and 2 to develop intergenerational workshops.



We build social and spatial cohesion through creative urban practice. The aim of Desire Lines is to positively influence the creation of great places, a more connected city, and more resilient communities. We will achieve this aim through a programme of activities that promote movement, physical connection, and sharing across the city including action research, live events, participatory arts and learning, accessible and informative outputs (film, publications, maps, etc.) and creative interventions in vacant or under-used space


We deliver mindfulness – an environmental connection to each other along with balancing and harmonising. We deliver Dome Theatre – a multi-use amphitheatre with eco trail, outdoor exhibits, indoor science museum and labs for all ages. We deliver educational training, food pods and gift pod collection points.



We promote creativity and social inclusion from an early age, through expressive art forms and fair families in Co. Fermanagh. We deliver messy play days, outdoor art, art treasure trails, story art, art resources, library shop, puppet making and festival art. We deliver parties, art for all ages and an art-house training and database.


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We improve the health and well-being of Cavanaleck through community engagement activities that build a more confident, resilient and family orientated local community. We promote budgeting, shopping and healthy eating alongside a walking club, swimming club and intergenerational exchange group. We run regular community events and drop in.


We build the personal capacity of residents of Galliagh, bringing positivity to the area and try to reduce poverty. We set up the materials, prepare the venue, ensure that we have participant engagement and organise dates and times.


We engage with over 65’s in rural areas to use technology. We reduce rural ageing isolation and engage cross-community activity. We are currently exploring technology. We deliver 1:1 tuition on a bi-weekly basis and promote hope for peer to peer learning – sustaining project.


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We seek to mitigate fuel poverty by helping social landlords and their tenants “be energy clever”. We are providing social landlords with the tools to measure and assess the energy efficiency of their homes leading to better informed decisions on retrofit options. We provide tenants with actionable insights into their energy costs, and simple and efficient control of their central heating/domestic hot water systems.


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We work with people entrenched in 2nd / 3rd / 4th generational unemployment to address multiple barriers of low education attainment, poor skills development, low self-esteem and poor confidence, which can lead to distorted attitudes to work. We promote a “We can do it” attitude and break the cycle saying no to generational unemployment. We deliver education, training work experience and life skills.


We give people an opportunity to integrate back into the community through training and employment. We promote recovery in action / through action. We innovate and create space that will inspire others. We develop active citizenship and break down the barriers and stigma attached to mental health. We give service to the community and reduce isolation. We upcycle furniture, deliver workshops in upcycling, and run a recovery café to develop transferable skills.
(Beacon Centre Enniskillen)


Bee Friends are entrepreneurial seed sellers who are passionate about bees, plants, wildlife, growing, gardens, and homemade or home-grown food. These interests have the power to connect people who are from different backgrounds and of all ages. Our goal is to work towards sustainability by creating a range of seed products aimed at supporting pollinators in the urban environment and that these products will encourage people to engage with growing.


We create alternative pathways for greater health and well-being through artistic expression. We promote storytelling through art and make art to music. We develop community projects and sketchbook projects and we deliver art projects.


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We raise young people’s aspirations. We do this through educational attainment, reducing unemployment, social enterprise and a crèche facility. We offer mentoring and counselling, an intergenerational experience, community actions and outreach.


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We heal brutalised places, connect people, build belonging and lift human spirits. We draw out existing knowledge and experiences, validate and develop people’s own opinions, and empower them to influence positive change in the future. We deliver training, capacity building and mentoring.


Afterthoughts NI will provide counselling expertise across NI so that all men and women who suffer from the effects of post-birth psychological trauma will have access to appropriate and efficient help. We provide education, training, research and counselling to work with men and women affected by birth trauma and PTSD.


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We provide young people with training and skills so they can reconnect with their communities. We deliver group work, team building and one to one mentoring, skills training and work experience.

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