The People's Accelerator 2016

This Accelerator was supported by the Big Lottery Fund in Spring 2016

St. Columbs Park House


We aim to create a more peaceful, equitable and just community in this city and using diverse tools and a holistic and long term approaches. Within our project, we are attempting to use new up-and-coming sports (new and alternative sports) with self-respect, self-discipline and personal development at their core to connect and humanize young people from marginalized communities in and around the city of Derry.

Far and Wild


Far and Wild is a community interest company specialising in outdoor education to develop people and sustain the environment. Far and Wild offers activities such as hiking, cycling, kayaking and climbing, as well as work on local environmental projects, to help people gain skills which can be applied to other areas of their lives.

North Belfast Partnership


''North Belfast Partnership will bring people and government together to make North Belfast a place that people and communities will want to live and work in''. The Partnership coordinates urban regeneration activity throughout North Belfast seeking to promote social and economic regeneration in north Belfast to address the causes of deprivation disadvantaging many local people and their communities. This takes the form of educational, health development and primary and secondary school level programmes.

Promoting socioeconomic regeneration in north Belfast to address deprivation disadvantaging many local people and their communities.



Northlands exists to reduce and relieve the suffering caused by alcohol and drug related problems together with addictive behaviors within the community. Northlands would like establish a “recovery cafe” in Derry’s city centre. Its purpose would be to provide an alcohol-free social environment for people in recovery as well as appealing at the mainstream public.

Northern Ireland Rare Disease Partnership


We are a voluntary not for profit organisation, established in 2011, bringing to-gether those living with a rare disease and organisations representing them: clini-cians and other health professionals; researchers and producers of specialist med-icines and equipment; health policy makers and academics. We aim to build networks of information and support for those living and working with rare disease in Northern Ireland.

NICMA – the Childminding Association


NICMA is a voluntary organisation with charitable status which supports registered childminders in Northern Ireland. NICMA’s aim is to promote quality home based childcare & learning for the benefit of children, families and communities.

Stories @ the Duncairn


We are a volunteer-led literature project using Shared Reading to grow relationships in north Belfast. We are responding to local enthusiasm and need for access to the arts. We have a following for our Shared Reading, with groups meeting weekly or fortnightly to read aloud and discuss short stories and poetry. The informal and ‘safe’ atmosphere of the Shared Reading group lends itself to people finding a voice and is a new way of building community.



Madlug™ (Making a Difference Luggage) is a 'for purpose' company that was founded in 2015 with the goal of raising awareness of the value & worth of children in care. Many children in care have no bags with which to carry their possessions, and often use bin bags instead; Madlug fiercely believes that no child in care should carry their life in bin bag. With each commercial purchase, Madlug will give a bag to a child in care.

Crossfire Trust


Crossfire Trust is a registered charity which, through targeted service provision, cares for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the people, primarily in South Armagh, Northern Ireland.



Our primary goal is to develop and deliver quality learning experiences that focus on integration, cohesion and inclusive action. We aim to foster a wider understanding about diversity and change in the social landscape of Northern Ireland. We believe that, in order to provide a sound approach to wider culture understanding that training should be delivered by people who have experienced migration to Northern Ireland.

Belfast Food Network


The Belfast Food Network (BFN) was set up in March 2014 to work towards turning Belfast into a Sustainable Food City for the benefit of communities, the economy and the environment

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