Training Matchmaker

The mission of Training Matchmaker is to empower people to get learning and keep learning. 

Everyone in Northern Ireland truly does have access to education and learning to improve their employability and also their wellbeing - learning being one of the 5 proactive steps you can take to take care of your mental health.

There are thousands of free online learning opportunities and as a knowledge broker we not only want to make sure that as many people as possible know about these courses from organisations such as Harvard, MIT, Open University, Google, Disney Pixar but we also wish to empower local communities and local Trainers to run blended learning opportunities - where online learning opportunities can be completed in a facilitated way with face to face contact and peer networking support.

Training Matchmaker is the brainchild of Chartered Marketer and Licensed WorldHost Trainer Christine Watson. Founder of Watson & Co. Chartered Marketing and Former Chair of The Chartered Institute of Marketing Ireland region Christine has personally enabled over 1,000 clients and contacts to learn more and achieve more.

Training Matchmaker are in the process of developing a community-led initiative called Marketing Mums which aims to encourage mothers who now have their children in school and have at least 3 hours per day available for employability to learn more and earn more.

The Freelancer GIG economy is ideal for marketing. Many micro and SME organisations need marketing help on a regular basis but many don’t have the budget or confidence to employ for this role. 

Many mothers seek paid work that fits in with their caring responsibilities - to start after school drop off and pick up at the school gates and to work term time.

Training Matchmaker propose to match 12 top 15 of these mothers with 48 to 60 micro or SME organisations and support them with facilitated marketing education and training and a marketing audit and plan co-created with a Chartered Marketer to be able to add marketing value to their clients.

It is anticipated that participant mums and participant organisations will see the value of marketing and self-employment will be created as a result of this pilot programme.


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